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NOMAD Dobermans strives to produce healthy Dobermans for conformation, performance and companions that adhere to the breed standard.  

"The appearance is that of a dog of medium size, with a body that is square. Compactly built, muscular and powerful, for great endurance and speed. Elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient."


About Us

After owning our first Doberman, their unique personality brought us into wanting to be involved with the breed. At the time we were living in Oklahoma City and went to a local show to find a breeder.  After meeting many within the Doberman community we were able to convince Joanne Davis (Sunburg Dobermans) to take a chance with placing a dog (Tyler, pictured upper left) in our home.  Tyler has excelled in every facet of conformation and performance.  She will be the foundation dam of our kennel. 
Since then, we have met many more owners, handlers and breeders we now consider friends, peers and mentors.  We look forward to continuing this adventure and are appreciative to those who have helped along the way, and look forward to passing on our experience and knowledge of this awe-inspiring breed.
Our kennel name NOMAD refer to our  service within the RCAF. After 25 years of service we have lived in Ontario, Manitoba, New York, Oklahoma and now Florida and you never know when the next move will come.  We have always used these postings as an opportunity to meet new dog fanciers within the communities we live. It has always been an enjoyable experience and we look forward to our next adventure.  

   Dave and Paula

We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.
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